The Mason County Sheriff’s Department Tax Office is located at the Mason County Courthouse.

Hours of Operation are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

When mailing tax payments, please mail to :

200 6th Street Suite 1

Pt. Pleasant, WV 25550

Please make all checks payable to Mason County Sheriff.

Residents may contact the Tax Division at (304) 675-1047 with tax questions. Below is more detailed information regarding taxes:

Information about your taxes

Assessment date constitues a fixed reference to a particular day upon which ownership and value are to be ascertained for future levy.

Every July 1 is the assessment date. This information is used to establish the amount of taxes for the following year beginning with January and ending on December 31.

New Homeowners Real Estate Tax Bills

Each July 1st the file for all property is frozen in regard to the value, name and address that is utilized to prepare and mail tax bills for the following tax year. This is particularly important, when you are purchasing real estate as the tax bills will be mailed to the former owner. Tax bills are mailed on July 15th of each year. If you haven not received a tax bil by July 25th of any year, you should call the tax office and request a bill. You may reach the tax office at (304) 675-1047 or

Tax bills will be prepared and mailed during the month of July in the year mentioned above. In other owrds the current year tax is based on July 1 of the previous year. The current year taxes cover the period January 1 to December 31. The tax bills for the current year are mailed on July 15.


Personal Property Tax Cycle

On July 1 of each year, the Mason County Assessor mails a personal property declaration form to each individual and business registered with the Assessor’s Office. If you do not receive this form, please call (304) 675-2840 if you are an individual or (304) 675-2840 if you operate a business.

These forms are to be completed and returned by September 1 of each year for Business and October 1 for Personal Property to the Assessor’s Office.

Based on the information you supply, the Assessor’s Office will determine the “assessed value” of your personal property. The “assessed value” and mileage, which is based on the area where you reside or where the personals property is located, will determine the amount of tax which you must pay.


Gregory Powers

Gregory Powers

County Sheriff

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Fax: 304-675-3838

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Mason County Sheriff
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