Each county elects a County Clerk whose responsibilities include the management of records of the County Commission and election duties. The primary responsibilities center around two basic functions:

  • To act as Clerk (fiscal officer) of the County Commission
  • To act as the receiver of fees charged for the instruments filed and recorded within the county.

To carry out the numerous duties, the Clerk of the County Commission may select deputies and other employees. The budget for the operation of the County Clerk’s Office as a whole which is determined by the County Commission.

County Clerks are required to be full time in Class I-V counties.  Their duties include:    


  • Issuance of marriage licenses, birth and death certificates
  • Record births, marriages and deaths in the county
  • Serve as Chief Voter Registration Official for the county; register qualified voters
  • Maintain custody and integrity of the county’s voting machines, ballot boxes and other election supplies
  • Conduct training sessions for poll clerks and other election officials prior to their service
  • Serve as the recorder of all documents
  • Keep records of County Commission transactions
  • Keep minutes of all County Commission meetings
  • Responsible for the bookkeeping of the county including budget, accounting and payroll
  • Assist the County Commission in their absence
  • Responsible for public notice of all Commission meetings
  • Serve as Secretary to the Civil Service Commissions
  • Issue hunting and fishing licenses
  • Provide notary services
  • Issue military service discharge records
  • Probate wills and assist in administration of estates
  • Conduct absentee voting and early voting, prepare ballots, accept candidate filings, and other election-related duties
Diana Cromley

Diana Cromley

Phone: 304-675-1997
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Term: 6 years

Mason County Clerk
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